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Don’t short yourself by going overseas for app development!

With more than 30 years of data-driven knowledge and experience, IBG Software leads the way in advanced mobile app development, consulting, and other forms of education on all mobile platforms. Our android and IOS app development company focuses on developing and providing impressive mobile apps for individuals and business organizations. As a testament to our dedication in providing the best app development services, our apps have garnered over 200 million active downloads from all around the world. If you are looking for a company that can provide a concept, design, develop, run tests and launch your dream mobile app, then look no further because you found us!  We have built over 250 applications for React,  Android, IOS and Xamarin, for fortune 50 clients, all the way down to 1-person startups!

IBG Software understands the significance of mobile applications in business processes, marketing campaigns, and other essential parts of growing your business.  We have completed the entire process hundreds of times.  We help our clients reach new customers with seriously designed and developed Android and iOS apps. Our finished products are customized to add value and appeal to your business.  We also have a full understanding of what it takes to compete and be agile. Your competitors are considering mobile, and we can definitely help you stay up to speed as well as innovate!

A+ mobile development cycles are possible when you have a brilliant team that specializes in software development life cycles,  optimization, and design of different software, and user interface design. At IBG Software, we make sure your project goes through the hands of the best people in the mobile app development business. Our team is made up of expert designers, programmers, and specialists capable of developing excellent applications and back-end web services. Our collective years of service include experience in over 25 business verticals.

Whether your goal is to reach out to millions of people with the best mobile app or deliver a custom service to a small set of customers, we’ll get your project there in an orderly, cost-effective manner.  We create different types of apps that are designed to accommodate different screen sizes. Your app will stay competitive because of its unique concept, design, optimized speed, and performance. Rest assured that we will conduct hundreds of tests on various screen sizes and OS versions. Overall, our goal is to provide an interesting and one-of-a-kind user experience for your future customers.

Most importantly, there will be no surprises. We never outsource any of our development, and you will see your live application at each stage of development. We are a 100% agile scrum company and will continue to be so!

Whether you’re after business apps or interactive games, we can help you come up with the best Android application without breaking the bank. For more information, contact us through our email or phone number.  Watch us work and develop your concept/product as we have with  250 plus full-cycle mobile application development efforts.

For a free consultation/quote, please contact us at 866-611-3604 x 333 or email