Healthcare and Technology

Navigating the technology landscape is one thing — Managing technology in HealthCare is a completely different challenge.  IBG’s healthcare division specializes in all things from compliance to governance as it relates to the application, development, and implementation of software for healthcare.

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Healthcare Regulation

Regulation is the name of the game here. Its healthcare. All of our medical software solutions fully comply with all federal regulations.

Health Insurance

As complex and convoluted as Healthcare Insurance seems, it can all be boiled down into providers and consumers. The more effective software is reverenced in this industry, the better the quality of care that can be delivered to the patients.

Healthcare Compliance

Our MedTech Consultants are experts in healthcare compliance. From Coding to Billing to Auditing, our solutions help enforce compliance laws and are also fully compliant.

Veterans Healthcare

IBG has administered dozens of Veterans Affairs applications

Federal Healthcare

Federal Healthcare is a complex web of quality control, compliance, and regulation. Allow IBG to help  you navigate these waters while delivering A+ software solutions.

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Medical Records Integration

Integration and compliance to EMR standards is key to success in the medical technology field.

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Mobile Medical Technologies

IBG has implemented over 30 mobile medical solutions, including mobile applications.  Future joint-ventures in the Medical mobile app space will create a large number of opportunities in the future.

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Medical Administration Systems

We’ve developed dozens of enterprise applications for various aspects of medical administration.

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front and back office

payroll, accounting, and patient engagement software

Healthcare Cloud Solutions

Healthcare I.T. in the cloud poses tremendous opportunity and tremendous risk. Our approach will help an organization mitigate much of the perceived risk.


records and EMR integration

our software frameworks fully support EMR standards

Medical Technology

Medical Technology solutions, including software development and device design.