BlockChain / Cryptocurrency

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are two complementary technologies that are disrupting many aspects of global business. Nearly 80% of all large and mid-sized companies have acknowledged the need to embrace blockchain and cryptocurrency in some aspect of their business. Blockchain and related technologies stand to be game-changers in all aspects of our economy. Both large and small companies are integrating these technologies to streamline data-sharing and reduce payment friction, creating substantial revenue-generating opportunities.

IBG has over a decade of experience in blockchain and its precursors, and a full knowledge of cryptocurrency.  With over 20 full-scale blockchain and cryptocurrency software development cycles under our belts, we have a tremendous amount of knowledge that our customers can leverage to more effectively navigate the space.

IBG has tremendous in-house developer and consultant expertise in the blockchain, bitcoin, ico, ethereum, altcoins, smart contracts, solidity, truffle, hyperledger, and much more.  We are only beginning to realize the true potential of this groundbreaking technology, and IBG is at the forefront of that innovation.

Recent Projects Include:

  • Architecture, design, development, and maintenance of a high-volume hyperledger-based blockchain between three of the largest banks in the world.
  • Development, audit and deployment of six cryptocurrencies, including ScoopXT for transportation ( ICO Spring 2019).
  • Development of blockchain for shared, secure transactions associated with the move of cellular devices to 5G networks for a global telecom carrier.
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency-based entertainment and multimedia platform that manages talent rights, content, and royalties internally.
  • Global transportation blockchain and cryptocurrency implementation for global rideshare company.
  • IOT and connected devices for Smart Cities’ initiatives, utilizing blockchain as a system of record for all device communication.

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